Conveniently located just 3 minutes from Ocean City, NJ in Somers Point


Trips typically leave our dock at 8:00 am, 11:15 am, and 2:30 pm.  However these are not set in stone.  We understand, you are on vacation.  Sometimes we all get caught up in the Fun Time Crabbing as well. Sometimes people are having such a good time they want to extend the trip they are on.  We try to accommodate everyone’s idea of a Fun Time Crabbing.  If there is an open slot  before your trip or after it, we will let you know the evening before so we can adjust to the schedule that best suits you.  And if you show up early on the 8 am run, we will leave early and stretch it out.  Each “3 hour trip” is 3 hours on the water, not a half hour at the dock, 15 minutes getting bait, 15 minutes getting fuel and 2 hours on the water.  The boats will always be ready.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.  Each boat may carry up to 6 passengers.  The boats are 24 foot long and 8 feet wide.  There is plenty of room.  Prepaid reservations trump all others and are prioritized if the trip has to be rescheduled because of weather or sea conditions.  Prepaid reservations are not refundable, but we will honor them at any point during the season.

“Per Person”

For each 3 hour trip, the per person charge is:

1 – 6 people……$45.00 each

We will not set off with less than 3 paying passengers.

“Entire Boat Trip”

If you have enough people or just want the attention of a private charter, you can take the entire boat.  Many times, parents with a couple of children will take the boat with less than 6 people.  For one, all the crabs are yours.  You don’t have to share.  For another, you can do the things you like without having to be concerned that someone else is more “hardcore” or just wants to cruise around in the sun.

The entire boat for a 3 hour trip is $225.  A 6 hour trip is $400.

If you are out there having a Fun Time Crabbing, we will do whatever we can to accommodate you, including extending the trip if possible.  If you are looking for a longer or shorter trip, just call us to discuss and we will work it out with you.  We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

All Fun Time Crabbing trips include all bait, gear, fuel and license fees.  Gratuities for your crew are optional.  Particularly for the mates.  They are a lazy lot.  Their job is so great, we should not even have to pay them.

**** Look in our FAQ section for info about “kids-only” trips.